batman vs black panther prep

You are indeed where you belong. Some retards gonna say how does insider suit beat Bp, Batman turns invisible and infinite mass punches bp and it doesn’t even have to be infinite mass punch, bullets can cause bps armour to blow up so super sonic punch is enough. Round 1:Pre-New 52 Comic Batman vs Comic Black Panther, With Prep-Time for both. Home field advantage is decisive here. Battle takes place in Black Panther's jungle. Its like saying the he would lose to hidroman. T'challa in comics is incredibly smart, but he's prep feats aren't impressive to me. It doesn't change the fact that he was once able to beat him without prep. hide . It says in the scan it negate your magic for one hour. oh so batman cant afford the good acid lol there is no reason that batman's acid wouldn't work. Round 1:Pre-New 52 Comic Batman vs Comic Black Panther, With Prep-Time for both, Round 2: Pre-New 52 Comic Batman vs Comic Black Panther, without Pre-Time for both, Round 3: DCEU Batman (Batfleck) vs MCU Black Panther, Bonus Round: Damian Wayne Batman vs Princess Shuri Black Panther, Round 1: Pre-New 52 could find something to use against Black Panther’s vibranium and his prep time skill is rivaled by pretty much only Iron man, I give this round to Batman. Oh i forgot Karlo also doesn't have weakness against eletricity and have another Clayface that doesn't have weakness against water,fire and eletricity Peter Malley. 2) Arena fight.-No weapons or armour.-Hand to hand combat only. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

Black Panther didn't have prep there, and IIRC, Hydroman caught him off guard. Bonus: damian. I dont think he can beat clayface, but I can be wrong. T'Challa defeated Hydroman without prep. There is one other showing where Dr.Death says a door is missile proof, but after Bruce throws him through the door he says he might be wrong about the door. Bruce is, honestly, way more skilled, versatile, and adaptable as well. Printable View. @comic_book_fan: lmao. This battle has already been done by so many times. @matchesmalone21: Even so, he would not melt vibranium, and he is not very smart, i belive BP would use the environment to win, like the fire extinguixers of the cars, or some thing else... @Static Shock: 0_o.....I guess black panther can deal with hydroman. While Batman may have the better exosuit Black Panther has considerably more resources available, has better tech in general, is the King of arguably the most powerful nation on the plane I think even without his "powers" he is still skilled enough to best this list up until at least Deathstroke. JavaScript is disabled. I would definitely say Batman wins in hand to hand combat though; I don’t really think T’Challa is as impressive as he is sold to be. And if he can melt people how you will burn it or melt it? 1 Interlude 2 Black Panther 3 Batman 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Original Track 7 Trivia (*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*) Wiz: Predators. so would you say batman would stop at clayface? He cracked it. -Black Panther are not familiar with Batman's Villains,as the same with Batman's Villains-Black Panther have access to his weapons (wakandan tech) and 1 comment. Dc have Clayfaces a lot. Hitting harder than explosions though isn’t beyond the mid-street level league, especially with someone with such a wealth of impressive striking feats like Batman (launching armored officers through brick walls in his weakest incarnation while heavily wounded, two-shotting Hawkman, punching through areas of steel machinery, three-shotting Azrael, heavily harming Deathstroke, etc). Reunited they called himself the Mud Pack,but it was all a trick, so he could get the powers of Preston Payne and Sondra Fuller (metamorphosis,size-chape-density control,regeneration,limited power absorption,disitengration (Touch and Vision),strength-stamina-agility-durability in superhuman levels) become the Ultimate Clayface. @Rasarima: @thanobomb1124: Sorry guy,but i put Basil Karlo because he is the most powerful than any Clayfaces 't have weakness against water (Hidroman never gonna defeat him),he can change his shape in any form (weapons,people,animals..),Bio fission,can change his size several times, and addition has the ability to melt objects by just looking at them. Batman fought superman in the injustice comics with only strength and durability equipised, superman still had the speed, flight and other hax but Batman won using martial arts. The Round 2: Pre-New 52 Comic Batman vs Comic Black Panther, without Pre-Time for both. I remember something about him cracking or kicking through missile-proof glass. Batman punches bp and realises the inertia isn’t passed on he then goes on to uses all his gadgets and realised sonic weaponry effects bps armour, Batman then increases the power until the armour disappears and beats bp senseless or better yet, If the sonic weaponry doesn’t work Batman retreats since he’s done that in the past gets the Hellbat and annihilates bp or he can use insider or justice buster or he could give himself the Amazon virus and have meta human powers which was sonic screeching if you haven’t seen that comic, And I know someone is gonna say Batman can’t escape from bp but Batman can escape supermans supervision, At the end of the day Batman fights people who have better states then him and wins nearly all the time, Metahumans like killer croc who beat Batman in almost all physical states but not tech and brains, What made you think bp could beat Batman when he beat superman, Answer this question can no beat superman. Don't kill me if this has been done before.Both characters have 12 hours prep time. lol not to mention the average amazon is atleast as strong as panther probably so even if for some crazy reason it didn't work the feat still works. So he put a positive charge boot on his stomach and negative charge in his head, but why would electrolysis work so fast?

100% Upvoted. Take a second to look at our. Black Panther is a genius but his prep time almost always relies on other people such as Shuri or the army of wakanda in general. -Black Panther are not familiar with Batman's Villains,as the same with Batman's Villains, -Black Panther have access to his weapons (wakandan tech) and vehicles,as the same to the villains, - Interval of 20 hours between each fight, Round 6::Prometheus (the original,not Chad Walker who lost to him in JLA / Avengers), Please,read about the powers and abilities of Batman's villains, before giving their opinions. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just like Cap in the other thread, Black Panther clears this. You are using an out of date browser.

Also, bats having access to anti vibranium is kinda out there.... @thatoneguy887: batman states it negates all magic for 24 hours, and that is acid that is eating through his costume the anti vibraniam phases through it on the subatomic level these work differently. Bind of Veils - The opposite to the Lasso of Truth forged by the Greek god Hephaestus, the person touching the lasso that isn‘t the owner is trapped in a world of there own imagination. Just like Cap in the other thread, T'Challa has no way of beating Clayface. I'm assuming you didn't read where I said electricity didn't work on him anymore? Messages: 3,385 Likes Received: 188 Trophy Points: 832 Joined: Nov 22, 2015.

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Fire and Water doesn't work on him and even in Cassius and Preston Payne,this just work in Matthew Hagen,Todd Russel,Johnny Williams and Sondra Fuller.

1) 24 hours prep time. @buckshotwashere: why, deathstroke has consistently shown to be Batman's better. They are on the same level as far as strength goes but T’Challa is probably a bit better on average, and he does have way better agility, but Bruce still has solidly better stats in every other area, particularly wherein speed is concerned - T’Challa’s scaling is hugely questionable at best, and his quantifiable feats aren’t that amazing. It may not display this or other websites correctly. He has one of the most hax’d, efficient, powerful, destructive and versatile load-outs in street levelers, especially counting Hickman technology. They are both similarly skilled in hand to hand combat. IS it only me or does that look like PIS to you too??

Or Ra's above Deathstroke? He stops for sure at Prometheus though.

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