assassins creed hidden blade 3d print

Print everything in the extra folder, and replace the originals: "activator_base", "second_cover" and and "second_cover_stripes". First you can check if they enter nicely or if they get too loose or too tight. You'll need the "case" part and the M3 nuts. Order 3D prints here. Then there are 2 "locks" that keep the blade in place either when its retracted or deployed.

!, its kinda complicated though, so if you have any questions, you can email me at,hope you enjoy If you have doubts about the names of each part, please check the downloaded objects, all parts are correctly named and number there. One such piece was recently created by a man named Farell Rozan, based off of one of his favorite games, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Then put the 2 M3x14mm screws in the 2 holes near the logo and fit them tight. Just try and clean the piece the best you can, without breaking it, for it is fragile. Now test if they rotate by using your finger. CC - Attribution. Again, Thank you.

My Prusa I3 nozzle size is 0.4 mm. So on average 40% infill, 0.2 mm of layer height, 1.2 mm shell thickness and a speed of 50 mm/s. If assembled right the hidden blade should come out great. 5 years ago Well here it is! Additionally, it was difficult for Rozan to figure out the correct amount of infill to use so that the blade, which was printed with the more tolerant ABS thermoplastic, would not bend or snap very easily. It's quite similar. 3D printing has taken prop making, added precision and complexity, and has allowed for much more realistic pieces to be made. I do not want to waste my money on a toy object that could break in less then a few uses; I would like to make something durable that is worth my money to be spent. here is a link to a video of it working,, to get this 3d printed go to Unfulfilled, Rozan decided that the only way he was going to 3D print a blade he’d be satisfied with, was to design it himself. Well here it is! So one way to achieve that is to change a few parts, remove the slider activator and instead use an activation wheel and a wire with some locks to make the wheel rotate when it is pulled.

If with the stripes, the blade now gets stuck on the base opening, you need either to widen it, or sand the stripes on top, to reduce height. Extra 3D parts are attached to this step. | Download free and paid 3D printable STL files Next check if the "second cover stripes" fit their places in the cover, if not sand them a bit.

For example if the blade it's too hard to deploy that means there is a lot of friction and you must find out where it comes from. DA-OTF Hidden Blade: Functional and 3D-Printable Hidden Blade Prop: Have you ever wanted your own Assassin's Creed style hidden blade? Even better, it's highly focused on 3D printing, so you can download your designs in the format that you like best. Anyway, if you want to see this in action check out one of his videos here. Assassins creed hidden blade dual extended part 1. I won't go into details here, because this is actually just an extra, the main design focus is on the slider activation mechanism, this is just for the most stubborn, like me. © 2020 3DR HOLDINGS. The "activator_pin" is no longer needed. The wrist activation with the wire works with a rotation on the cover instead of a linear motion.

The blade should slide easily on base. So you can use the ones that seem more adequate to you. Be careful not to glue the pin or the activator to the cover.

Glue the stripes onto the base and let everything dry. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. That's all. In this case, most of them will be too tight, which will generate too much friction for the springs/rubber bands to overcome. The rubber band connects two parts, called "sliders", one is on the back and is responsible for pushing the blade out, and another is on the front and it's the one that pulls the blade back in. Eventually there might be others, depending on how you'll print them. Powerful search with product databases and business directories.

Get free expert advice and quotes from trusted suppliers in your area. Next turn the cover upside down, put the activator button on its slot and check if you can connect the "activator pin".

1 year ago. Making a gun requires a lot of mechanical parts so that’s not an option for a beginner.

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