assassin's creed revelations remastered trophy guide

It's the part where you have to jump from cubical-shaped particle field to cubical-shaped particle field with your jump block, right after the first part with the lasers. In addition to that, the prices below are after the 15% discount. Kill the first guard that you see then head down the road to find the first haystack on your left. Killing him will, however, raise the Templar's awareness to full. This is because you have to do most of it anyways and they are the easiest of them all to complete. Tail the assigned person without being detected. Once you have collected the 10 Memoir pages the area on the mini-map will start blinking.

Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn. When the lid closes, the achievement will unlock. The easiest Sequence to complete is DNA Sequence 3; "The Fighter, The Lover and The Thief."

They are in many areas and are basically wooden planks/platform structures that help people do work. This is kinda tricky, but if you jump and press up and to the right, it is possible to land in that corridor. To earn this trophy, you must sync every story memory to 100%, which means that if a memory features an optional objective, you must do it.

Flag 2: As you chase you'll eventually start using lanterns to swing to different You should combine this trophy with "I can see you". The Desmond sequences can be done at any time when you have enough of the animus data fragments; you can play them after the main story if you want. Enter the Animus simulation (The Lost Archive).

If by the time you have all Assassin Den's housed with Master Assassin's that they won't ever get attacked by Templar's and you still need the "3 successful den defenses", simply replay DNA Sequence 2 - Memory 6 and it'll add to your total. This memory is called ‘Visitazione's Secret’ and is located at the Santa Maria Della Vistazione church in Venice. Find an enemy that isn't moving and go as far away as you can from him (within the range or targeting him). When you start either mission a red target will appear on the map. You should concentrate on these as you play through for the first time, it will save you having to go back afterwords and play through a significant part of the story again. Capture a chest while hidden in Chest Capture. Set 3: Reward: Unlocks Mercenary Faction Weapon. You will recruit a few more and the number will not change. The hallway they come from has the flag. Just don't close enough as they will sense that. Most likely this will be in the form of collectibles or buying the rest of the over priced books. Sequence 3 includes the following memories: Note: You will want to try and get 100% synchronization on all memories in this sequence to obtain the "Perfect Recall" achievement. Then hit craft bomb at the bottom. Find an enemy that isn't moving and go as far away as you can from him (within the range or targeting him). Now throw your Poison Bomb in the center of them to gain the achievement. There is wood around it as well, so if you find a hole and it doesn't look like this, it's not a well. At a certain point in the game, you’ll be told that you have new emails waiting for you. You need to do this to rank them up anyways.

Right after blending in, you will see some boxes that would let you climb the top of the first scaffold, once you reach the first scaffold climb to the top of it and keep on jumping to the other end until you see a lootable box on a scaffold, wait there until you see the target underneath you to air assassinate him. This should be your favorite step. You will want to have recruited the Max number of Assassin's to get through this as quickly as possible but it's not essential to start them. Have a look through at what you are missing and refer to each trophy in the guide. Don't leave the area though as you need to let the guards come close to you and then throw the long radius poison bomb once you have the guards around you in order to get it. You do want to worry about a different achievement called "Fond Memories". Once you reach a cutscene will come up. To throw the money, hold  and select the money bag icon. However, once you reach 50 fragments all of the remaining will appear on your map.In order to enter Hagia Sofia to obtain  Holy Wisdom, you will need to collect all of the memoir pages on your map which will appear after collecting 25 animus fragments. Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives. See “Capped” for help with finding the data fragments. You can get this mission once your assassin in south den reaches level 14 which will prompt him/her to reach the master level after finalizing the mission. You'll see a glimpse of the red graffiti, as that's where that corridor is. You can also view all memories and bonus sync objectives in the DNA menu.

Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella. Jump back to the first piece of debris and jump to the wall to start making your way to the flag. It is recommended that you attempt the Assassins Guild Challenges as they are the easiest of them all. If there's any other misc achievements you need, you will be doing them here.

Keep killing guards like this, keeping an eye out for an attack to counter sometimes by another guard. It's to the top of this dome that you need to climb, from ground level in 25 seconds. Here's a video by ObsidianDraconis, showing both the shortcut and a successful Styx crossing: This is story-related and cannot be missed. Here is a video for the mission to help: Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds. - Venice – 46 This is a straight open area jumping puzzle.

You'll come to a courtyard after knocking out 6/9 people and there will be several guards. Once you reach level 5 in multiplayer access the Data Hub and you will find the ability section. To give yourself the easiest time collecting these, just ignore them at first. Killing guards or enemies with the hidden blade does not count. He is to the East of the Bridge that goes to Vanticao District.

You can keep walking around finding them or just play through the game and use them only when needed. Number of feathers in each city: Do this by going to any den or near the bomb icons on the map. Afterward, throw the bomb next to the scaffold and let the guards approach it to pull the scaffold and kill the guards. You begin on the ground floor and the camera pans over to your start point. Phase 2: Talk with Eduardo You can find them throughout Rome’s districts, as well as the hidden shrines throughout Rome (3 per shrine).

Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. The good thing about AC games in general is the lack of missable trophies as there is free roam at the end so you don't have to worry about that. Search for the remaining decipher fragments if you haven't found all of them before.

There are a total of 101 Borgia flags, 10 feathers, 12 Borgia Towers and 10 of Subject 16‘s puzzles. To earn this trophy, you must sync every story memory to 100%, which means that if a memory features an optional objective, you must do it. Once a recruit reaches the rank of 10 (Assassin), you can assign them to any of the dens that you currently hold, where you can then access their Master Assassin missions. Step 1: Story Mode/DNA Sequences  Make sure you aren't detected in order to see the black marks. Last but not least, you will find 2 guards far away, use the poison darts and you ARE good to go.

If this is a case, go to a tailor and purchase them. Hidden Blade Armor Plate: Sequence 3 Jump down through the haystack and wait for the guard to come close to kill him.

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