are all assassin's creed games connected

Also, if you end up playing them all - don't skip Rogue.

HOW?? Are on the same bloodline as desmond.. I never disliked them, I just kinda got bored. Pastor's message to those who contest election results, Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Fox News host shuts down Graham's money plea, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, AP drops CMA Awards coverage over dispute, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, Can dead people vote? Better graphics, gameplay and an actual, captivating story. AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations are a trilogy, so you really shouldn't skip 2 before going to Brotherhood (although I personally agree that Brotherhood was the best). “We have pulled the Ubisoft Connect article and forum post re backwards compatibility for the time being as there may be inaccuracies involving the Ubisoft titles that will be playable on PS5,” the publisher wrote in a statement emailed to Kotaku. Yahoo News explains, ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, Hugh Grant talks 'embarrassing' COVID-19 symptom. A gaming sub free from the hype and oversaturation of current releases, catering to gamers who wait at least 6 months after release to play a game. “Most of our back catalogue of games will have backward compatibility between the next and current generation of consoles, with a few exceptions,” the publisher wrote.

You reeeeeeallly need to play ACII before Brotherhood, Brotherhood follows on from ACII, then Revelations follows on from Brotherhood. Begin with ACII if you want to play Brotherhood. And yes they are all connected.

But don't worry, if you still chose to start with 3, you'll feel just as comfortable as if you started with 1.

I would just play them by the order they were realeased. AC4: fantastic game that finally breaks the tired AC formula (although not nearly enough imo). Due to the setting of the game, it inherently shares ones of its major locations with a prior. Next to Black Flag, II is probably my favorite. These “exceptions” include some of the publisher’s other games which as well. There will be references and background info that you won't understand, but it'd no big deal.

However, they are not connected as in Connor (AC3 protagonist) is connected directly to Altair (AC1 protagonist), but because the REAL storyline flows from game to game. I started with AC2, then Brotherhood, and before Revelations was released I played AC1 to see where it all started. This was because Abstergo invented the Animus, a machine that reads a persons DNA allowing them to see and live the lives of their ancestors. If you are a gamer, then you more than likely have heard of and played at least one of the Assassin’s Creed video games. I recommend skipping it altogether and going back to it only if you like the free running mechanics (they improved on them greatly though) or you want to learn more about Altair's story (which is actually decent despite its pacing). Even the stuff going on in the animus is kind of boring and the main character is annoying af. Only AC game I've played through twice.

This is exactly how I got in to the series - currently half way through Revelations and absolutely love the series!First one is a bit patchy just by comparison to newer games in my opinion. Kotaku staff writer. Maybe ACII was just too good? I plan to complete them in order after I'm done with ACIII. AC1 was a good game too, but it was another time, and it might seem a bit boring and repetitive nowadays.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the patientgamers community. I kinda got burnt out on them.

With that said, the only games that are connected by their animus characters are AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations which are about Ezio. The story is connected between all assassins creeds. I keep hearing great things about Black Flag though so I think I'm gonna try to pick that up soon. The story wont make sense if you start with the third game... How do you think about the answers? Opinion on resellers selling non limited items like video game consoles? I never finished it. If you want to enjoy the story as much as you can, start with 1 and go all the way to 3.

The Chronicles games, meanwhile, are also some of the most diverse and varied mini-entries in Assassin’s Creed. The game is otherwise a masterpiece. AC4 Freedom Cry: expandalone for AC4 that's imo good enough to merit a separate bullet point. So the next one would be Black Flag.

Not only that but if you start with a better game in terms of graphics or controls, you won't want to go back to the earlier "worst" games. This is the Ezio storyline in order. There's also some minor threads that link AC3, AC4 and Rogue but they aren't very important (can't even remember what they are). And they are also connected to each other by the facts that there are templars and Assassins who constantly fight each other for a couple of 1000 years then.. That is exacly why the assassins creed series is incredible.. Each time another game comes out you feel like your part of it.. Yes, the first five games from Assassin's Creed up to Assassin's Creed III are connected.

Currently playing ACIII, it's incredibly, painfully dull for the first few hours, once you're Connor though, it gets pretty good.

You can sign in to vote the answer. I played the first one to the last and I really love the games.. Unfortunately, the real world stuff goes from shit to extremely shit and wannabe meta form this point on. The real world stuff I keep talking about is all connected throughout the games but it's complete shit imo so it doesn't matter. But the 1st game you play as Altair and the 2nd is Ezio. And that movie.

Their backstory is connected, but ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations are parts of the Ezio story, so they are directly connected to each other. And I'm glad I did, because I enjoyed Revelations a bit more. I think starting with Black Flag would be a decent idea too. AC3: not a very good game, they turned the dial on the real world and "first civilization" bullshit waaaaay up.

The only problem with going back is that it can be nearly impossible to go back once you played a similar game with better graphics/gameplay. AC2: excellent game and the best starting point for the series imo. Aaaaanyway.. One day maybe.

I agree. AC2 Brotherhood is where I lost my patience for running, climbing and ridding.

just like the topic, im going to start with A.Creed 3 is it okay?

IMHO, of course. It'll give you some minor spoilers, but nothing too serious; and at the same time it doesn't require knowledge of any of the previous games to understand the plot. If you are planning to play one of the games from AC1-3 I would recommend playing in order, or at least start from 2. I recommend skipping it, or play it up to that plot twist, or play all of it if you enjoy the theme. To be honest with you I would play the Eizo trilogy then jump straight to Black Flag. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and a few of the series’ spin-offs won’t work on PS5, Ubisoft announced today. The game series follows Desmond, an ex-assassin who was captured by Abstergo Industries, the Templars. AC4 was fresh experience after AC2 and I loved playing around 50% of it. If you really want to follow the timeline then do what they tell you in this video

If you miss one game it's like missing out an entire series of a TV show; sure you can jump on the bandwagon at the last minute and still enjoy it, but it's best to watch it all. After that the running, climbing, sailing and swimming just got to me.

or is it a nono.

Makes a lot more sense that way. Here's my opinion on the AC games. AC Unity: shitty game, shitty story, shitty mechanics and incredibly shitty performance.

Can I play them in any order, or should I start with the first one? I couldn't get into AC3 neither and have given up on the franchise as the following installations haven't been able to secure my wallet.

AC Revelations: underrated game imo. I played 1, 2, and whatever came after that but before the Revolutionary war one. I'll start by saying that every single scene in "real" world is complete shit and I wish they had never included them in the game. Desmond is special because his linage is that of Altair, Ezio and Connor (those we now so far). I should add that I haven't finished any of the games after AC 3. You'll be able to enjoy the Majority of the game however. ACII is a masterpiece. But why? Here's my opinion on the AC games. Update - 9:06 p.m. You can reach him at

Here’s the full list: Strangely, these games were left off Sony’s official list of non-backwards compatible games published earlier this month. Seems like a lot of people recommend starting with Black Flag, if any, now because it's not very dated in comparison to the Ezio games (AC II, Brotherhood, Revelations).

But hunting in the woods is pretty cool and the combat system seems more refined as is the climbing.

This game turned me away from the AC franchise for the foreseeable future. Assassin’s Creed Unity/Syndicate – Paris and London. I was thinking about buying Brotherhood or Black Flag. I really like the main character.

AC Rogue: might as well call it "AC4 part deux" since it's literally the same game with different protagonist ( they didn't even make any improvements to the game). I don't want to play any other AC game ever. IDK Netflix costs the same and so do other services! Are you me?

AC1: cool proof of concept but it's bogged down by shitty graphics, pointless collectibles (even by Ubi standards) and a slow moving story.

Hate AC3 though.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft in 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.


Play it if you like Ezio's character and want some closure for him.

In this post, we’ve listed every Assassin’s Creed game released since the first game in 2007.

They have a very good plot dump in the beginning. A spokesperson for Ubisoft did not immediately elaborate on what the inaccuracies might be. AC3 I only powered through to see the ending of the modern day story. The story of Assassins creed 3 set in America does not link with the others other than the overall storyline, which you will need to play all 5 games in order to understand.

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