applications of microwave engineering in medical equipments

The list of possible topics includes but is not limited to the following: Manuscripts should be submitted online at by registering and logging in to this website. To improve this technology, there is a need to decrease the measurement error which is reported to be more than 30% for an in vivo measurement setting. Not affiliated This Special Issue calls for reporting on recent advances and future challenges in the design of microwave sensors for biomedical applications. Microwave sensors for Biomedical applications are highlighted in this paper. 800.874.7123. The statements, opinions and data contained in the journal, © 1996-2020 MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) unless otherwise stated. These research results should contribute to the further development of implantable wireless communications and intravascular monitoring of biomedical signals such as blood pressure and blood flow velocity. In this paper, a. Diabetes is a very complex condition affecting millions of people around the world. The information on biomedical signals is then transmitted to external monitoring systems via. Please visit the Instructions for Authors page before submitting a manuscript. Its occurrence, always accompanied by sustained hyperglycemia, leads to many medical complications that can be greatly mitigated when the disease is treated in its earliest stage. Several other applications where the microwaves used are medical treatments; microwave heating is used for drying and curing products, and in households for the preparation of food (microwave ovens). Experimental results on a human target are discussed so as to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach for vital signs detection. Phantoms were used for investigating the potential of proliferating the data set due to difficulty of in vivo data collection from tissues. Category Menu ; Amplifiers. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. Difficult to implement circuit components, on: "Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Microwaves". Sensors is an international peer-reviewed open access semimonthly journal published by MDPI. The Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method was then used to generate simulated transmission coefficients between all possible combinations of antenna pairs. Learn more. A special issue of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220). Better transmission (low attenuation), 2.

To explore the potential of this technique as a tissue characterization device, performances of multiclass ML algorithms on collected in vivo rat hepatic tissue and phantom dielectric property data were evaluated. However, the technique suffers from a high error rate. Compared with the existing single-base radar detection schemes, the proposed scheme can detect human respiratory rates in different orientations. All manuscripts are thoroughly refereed through a single-blind peer-review process. Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Micr... Cathode Ray Tube Construction and Working, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope with Block Diagram, Digital Multimeter Block Diagram Explanation, Successive Approximation Type Digital Voltmeter, Optical Communication Lab - Viva Questions, Working Principle of the Two-Input TTL NAND Gate, Electronics and Communication Study Materials. Research articles, review articles as well as short communications are invited.

Here we are going to discuss about what is electronics. Early, preferably prehospital, detection of intracranial bleeding after trauma or stroke would dramatically improve the acute care of these large patient groups. He is a person who wants to implement new ideas in the field of Technology. The statements, opinions and data contained in the journals are solely A prototype was fabricated with laser cutting techniques and its radiation performance experimentally characterized. You seem to have javascript disabled. Authors may use MDPI's Our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI.

He was born on September 1, 1950 in Kerala, India. 2.

Sreejith Hrishikesan is a M-Tech graduate and is an Assistant Professor. A computational model, consisting of realistic human head models of patients with bleeding, as well as healthy subjects, was inserted in an antenna array model. Microwave excitation readily forms plasmas at reduced gas pressures and, under some circumstances, at pressures in excess of 1 atm. Due to the limited volumes of blood vessels and limited influence of blood flow, antennas with good radiation performance are required for intravascular applications.

Dr. B Somanathan Nair, one of the top engineering text book author of India.

The emphasis is placed on newer emerging diagnostic and therapeutic applications, such as microwave breast cancer detection, separation of red cells, bio-detection devices, hyperthermia treatment of tumors, and treatment with localized high power used in ablation of the heart, and liver and others. pp 6-8 | Please let us know what you think of our products and services. The Article Processing Charge (APC) for publication in this open access journal is 2000 CHF (Swiss Francs). In this paper, we propose a stent antenna composed of multiple rings containing crowns and struts, where each ring is connected with one connector.

Download preview PDF. Unlike a conventional stent, wherein each ring is connected with several connectors, the single connector prevents the random distribution of electrical current and thus achieves good radiation performance. Microwave is the region in electromagnetic spectrum in the range between 1 to 300 GHz. The main contribution of this work was the manipulation of the current distributions of the stent for good EM radiation performances which needed to be further examined while inserted inside human bodies. The corresponding wavelengths are in the centimetric and millimetric ranges. In my experience, when I ask what is electronics there is a tendency for many ones... 8085 Microprocessor Lab Viva Questions  With Answers 1. The knowledge of frequency and temperature dependent dielectric properties of tissue is essential to develop ultra-wideband diagnostic technologies, such as a non-invasive temperature monitoring system during hyperthermia treatment. In the present paper, a software-defined radar implementation with Doppler elaboration features is presented, to be applied for the non-contact monitoring of human respiration signals. Accepted papers will be published continuously in the journal (as soon as accepted) and will be listed together on the special issue website. It can be used for space and satellite communication. Short wavelength. Get testing tools to solve RF, wireless and MW design challenges. Submitted papers should be well formatted and use good English. What is the basic structure of a modern optical fiber? Using the same classifier, sixteen mice with drug-induced diabetes were studied for two weeks. 1. We studied how classification results were affected by the number of healthy subjects and patients used to train the algorithm, and in particular, we were interested in investigating how many samples were needed in the training dataset to obtain classification results better than chance. Its occurrence, always accompanied by sustained hyperglycemia, leads to many medical complications that can be greatly mitigated when the disease is treated in its earliest stage. The information on biomedical signals is then transmitted to external monitoring systems via wireless communications. Microwave Communication in Microwave Engineering refers to the electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of 1GHz to 300 GHz. (This article belongs to the Special Issue, Bioradar-based noncontact breathing detection technology has been widely studied due to its superior detection performance. A quadrature receiver I/Q (In-phase/Quadrature) architecture is adopted in order to overcome the critical issues related to the occurrences of null detection points, while the phase-locked loop components included in the software defined radio transceiver are successfully exploited to guarantee the phase correlation between I/Q signal components. Our results indicated that at least 200 subjects, i.e., 100 each of the healthy subjects and bleeding patients, were needed to obtain classification results consistently better than chance (, Diabetes is a very complex condition affecting millions of people around the world. Recently, smart stents have been developed by integrating various sensors with intravascular stents for detecting vascular restenosis or monitoring intravascular biomedical conditions such as blood pressure or blood flow velocity.

Explain. The chapters in Microwave Engineering and Systems Applications were contributed by an outstanding team of experts, each a specialist in his field. The analysis of the measured data shows that the theoretical model fits well with the measured results. In this paper, we use simulated microwave transmission data to investigate the performance of a machine learning classification algorithm based on subspace distances for the detection of intracranial bleeding. ... Optical Communication  Lab -  Viva Questions  With Answers 1. A classifier based on functional principal components for sustained hyperglycemia prediction was validated on a sample of twelve mice, correctly classifying the condition in diabetic mice. It was demonstrated that the fabricated stent antenna had an omnidirectional radiation pattern for arbitrary receiving angles, a gain of 1.38 dBi, and a radiation efficiency of 74.5% at a resonant frequency of 2.07 GHz. For planned papers, a title and short abstract (about 100 words) can be sent to the Editorial Office for announcement on this website. This work investigates the machine learning (ML) algorithms’ ability to decrease the measurement error of open-ended coaxial probe techniques to enable tissue characterization devices. These findings indicate first, linear models, such as logistic regression, perform better on dielectric property data sets. The wavelength of microwave range between 30 - 3 cm. That is they can carry large amount of information.

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