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One can imagine walking and dancing well. Even in the 17th century, Emperor Leopold I (1640–1705) had the most valuable—and most vulnerable—items including books, manuscripts and early printed works brought to Vienna. He founded the notable collections of Ambras and had a museum built for them in the rooms of the "Lower Castle", which was constructed according to the most advanced ideas of his time. [2] In 1248, the castle ruins and property passed by inheritance from the Counts of Andechs to Count Albert IV of Tyrol. Enlarge map. The rich detail that is along the walls of the inner courtyard to the iconic Spanish Hall is breathtaking. Ambras Castle Innsbruck is one of the main attractions of the state capital of Tyrol. The most noticeable changes were undergone by the Vorschloss (outer bailey) via the construction of an ivy-clad entrance ramp for carriages, while the park was redesigned as an English garden. Sign up! Ferdinand’s father, Holy Roman Emperor from 1558, recognized the union in 1559 but insisted that it remain strictly secret. [2], In 1919, following the dissolution of the Austria-Hungary Empire, Ambras Castle became the property of the Republic of Austria. In the seventeenth century, Emperor Leopold I (1640–1705) had some of the most valuable holdings of the Ambras collections—mostly books and manuscripts—moved to Vienna, where they can still be seen at the Austrian National Library. The year 1974 saw the Chamber of Art and Wonders, and 1980–81 the Armouries, set up once again in the Lower Castle, and in 1976 the Habsburg Portrait Gallery covering the 15th to 19th centuries was completed. We don't have any reviews of this museum yet. The Spanish Hall, built 1570–72, is among the most beautiful hall structures of the later Renaissance. A key factor in the festive overall impression of the hall is the doors, which are combinations of various woods, and the partly gilded and likewise inlayed coffered wooden ceiling. Concert goers can use the bus also without concert tickets.

Consecrated for the first time in 1330 and often rebuilt over the centuries, it was finally painted in the 19th century by the Innsbruck painter August Wörndle. He soon entered sales negotiations with Emperor Rudolf II (1552–1612), which were ratified in 1606. Image of beautiful, deer, europe - 46067168

Schlossstraße 206020 InnsbruckT +43 1 525 24– 4802info@schlossambras-innsbruck.atSubscribe to our Newsletter, Born the son of the future Emperor Ferdinand I, Archduke Ferdinand II, The historical import of the castle doubtless lies in the fact that the archduke had assembled a renowned collection of armour, weapons, portraits, natural objects, rarities, 'wonders of nature', most recent scientific instruments, musical instruments, and precious items at Ambras. ¿Deseas transferirlas a tu perfil empresarial? © Copyright 2020, Marriott Bonvoy Tours & Activities. Armour for tournaments like the German joust or the German course, and the armour of the court's giant Bartlmä Bon, who took part in the tournament in Vienna in 1560, can be seen. Image of hall, spacious, innsbruck - 34893260 The Spanish Hall is amongst the most beautiful halls built during the Renaissance. Philippine was not permitted to make official appearances as Archduke Ferdinand’s consort. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Ferdinand II was one of the most important patrons of the Habsburg family. From there, it's 10-15 minutes walking uphill, Bus: Line C, final stop Luigenstraße, get off at Luigenstraße. Ambraser Sammlungen) and subsequently renovated. When he was made provincial sovereign of Tyrol in 1564, Ferdinand II ordered two Italian architects to turn the existing medieval fortress into a Renaissance castle for his untitled wife Philippine Welser (1527–1580), whom he had married in secret. [3] The Upper Castle contains the extensive Habsburg Portrait gallery (Habsburger Porträtgalerie) featuring paintings of numerous members of the House of Austria[4] and other leading ruling Europeaen dynasties, including, as a remarkable feature, many portraits of princely children. Read more Shuttle-Service Parking space at Ambras Castle is very limited. {"267438706":{"content_id":"267438706","title":"Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria. The Spanish Hall. Adults: € 12 The Strasser Collection of Glass is amongst the most important of its kind in the world. [1] Considered one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Tyrol, Ambras Castle was built in the 16th century on the spot of an earlier 10th-century castle, which became the seat of power for the Counts of Andechs. We will never post any messages without your permission. Built up by Professor Rudolf Strasser over a period of more than fifty years this collection includes valuable Renaissance and Baroque Period lasses from Europe's most important glass producing regions, for example Venice, Bohemia, Hall, Innsbruck and Silesia. During the following period, the castle lost its status as a residence. Following Karl Ludwig renouncement of Tirolean rule, the palace remained in a more or less ruinous condition. Ambras Castle (German: Schloss Ambras Innsbruck) is a Renaissance castle and palace located in the hills above Innsbruck, Austria. This original fortification was destroyed in 1133 and no traces of it remain, although some of the material from the original structure was later used in the modern building. All reviews spanish hall beautiful castle portrait gallery glass collection nice grounds renaissance castle hop on hop off bus sightseer bus worth a visit rainy day audio guide free ... Bavarian castles are just swamped with tourists while there were almost no people in Ambras castle (OK, it was Monday...). It was constructed according to the requirements of Archduke Ferdinand II between 1529 and 1572, and it was meant to be a hall for balls and other festive occasions. The princely sovereign of Tyrol, son of Emperor Ferdinand I, ordered that the medieval fortress at Ambras be turned into a Renaissance castle as a gift for his wife Philippine Welser. He presented this armour "to the eternal memory" of that persons - mostly military commanders - in the "Heldenrüstkammer" (Heroes' Armoury); some on display today still in the original 16th century showcases. Have you visited this museum? So, the Lower Castle as building itself became an exhibit, making Castle Ambras Innsbruck today the oldest museum in the world. Al seleccionar una región, podría cambiar el idioma y el contenido promocional que aparece en el sitio web de Adobe Stock.

F... Schloßstraße 20, The Spanish Hall is amongst the most beautiful halls built during the Renaissance. Directions Ferdinand's collection of armour was one of the most important of its kind, not only because of the collection idea, but also because of the quality and quantity of his objects.

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