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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions would also help ease the burden of ambient air pollution, which causes nearly 3 million deaths every year (30). COVID-19. Donate: Good ... ›, Get Unstuck! Wash with cold water and avoid delicate cycles that use high water volumes. – The Olio app [Apple store, Google Play] is an active community of freecyclers – and they allow non-food as well as food giveaways. While large national elections have historically had higher turnout compared to state and local elections, it's actually these closer-to-home elections that decide how a community deals with important local issues (21). Approximately 50 trillion pieces of microplastics are estimated to be currently polluting the ocean (3). c) AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Counter Top Water Filtration System, j) ZeroWater 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser, *Meets NSF standards but is not NSF certified. Machine washing synthetic clothing is one of the easiest ways for microplastics to find their way into the water supply. We've talked through some of the ways to limit microfibers in your laundry before, but let's run through a few again! Green World Asia is B2B sustainable business platform that connects decision makers to companies providing innovative solutions across utilities, materials, resources and food waste ecosystems. Often, as a baker, the first thing that we reach for is the aluminum foil or pan. If you're feeling a little more crafty, you can install a faucet mount. Donations of toiletries, towels, gift cards, and household items are always welcome. Unfortunately, there are even smaller pieces of plastic in the environment that you can't see: microplastics. The National Library, as well as various library branches, have a dedicated bookcase for drop-offs. The microplastics found in the environment today originate from both land- and ocean-based human activity. With more than 100 local and regional social enterprises participating, there will be ample opportunity to learn about their impact through various workshops and engaging conversations. Working electronics For True-blue donation, register your item on Pass it on– an initiative by Central Singapore CDC to match low-income families with donors. What we don't yet know is how long they stay, what accumulates in our systems if they do stay, and what the health effects of chronic ingestion might be. . [P.S. Call them on +65 6747 6510 to make an appointment for drop off. Mar 9, 2016 - Explore clareholliday4's board "Flat pack charity boxes" on Pinterest. Likewise. Hi, I have a lot of clothing and shoes to donate. -EcoBank – An annual initiative by City Development Ltd and EcoBusiness, it lets you donate preloved toys, clothes, books and accessories at various locations. A guide to service providers in Singapore, ETL No.

Members announce and run donation drives on a need basis. (1) Luckily, aluminum pans, if lined with paper liners or unbleached parchment paper should be safe. Lingerie: If these are in good condition (they will be reused) – support international charity Project Uplift; Perk by Kate in Singapore collects on behalf of Project Uplift all year around. Bottled water also presents various health hazards, so it should not be regarded as the de facto standard either. As part of a team of 3-4 members, you get to work on projects that will benefit a local non-profit and be empowered to design the path to attain group goals. Start-up Seekabook runs an online book-swap platform with a catalog that runs into more than 7000 books. These must be in usable condition as they are eventually resold at their thrift store. (This covers almost everything!). Another option for pre-loved clothing [and for shoes, any other home fabrics, even curtains] is a new local start-up: Green square. Research has shown that Americans who get their recommended amount of daily water from only bottled sources have almost 20 times the exposure compared to Americans who only drink tap water (7)! Next step, search social networks that you are a part of – mommy groups, condo notice boards as well as Facebook groups such as East Coast Preloved Sales and Preloved Baby Goods to rehome preloved baby things. Anuja and Lara are the co founders of Secondsguru. They're so easy for pies, lining the edges of a baked good to prevent excess browning, the list goes on and on. How to dispose off electronic waste responsibly? Notable repeals have included the Clean Air Act, the Clean Power Plan, as well as the Waters of the US Rule (12). Hi Raymond, Thx for your comment, and SRRFM sounds like a great fit for this article! First, to better understand the use and necessity of water filter pitchers, we need to understand their purpose. The EPA has established both primary and secondary National Drinking Water Regulations meant to protect the public against consumption of drinking water contaminants that pose a risk to human health (2). They accept home textiles and damaged unwearable clothes too. For more info, contact Ms Linda Yusop ( or via, – Salvation Army – They accept most used items too. It traces the history of plastic since its invention to the present time where it dominates our life in everything we use. Any vehicles accepted for donation are given directly to a survivor in need. Founders Anuja Aggarwal and Lara Rath have a combined experience of over 30 years in the fields of media and finance.

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