air travel for disabled passengers

Top tips for disabled and less mobile air passengers, Course for travel industry: accessible travel made easy.

Traveling by plane can be stressful for anyone―the long wait, the security hassles, lost luggage. All trip information, including the safety briefing, that is made available to other passengers must also be made available to passengers with disabilities. People with disabilities do not need to tell the airline ahead of time that he or she plans on flying, except under certain specific circumstances. Discussing the situation with the CRO is the best way to resolve issues and ultimately, the pilot has the final say when it comes to issues of passenger safety. 10am to 2pm Saturday Some additional guidelines from the TSA include: You are free to move about the terminal, airline personnel cannot keep people with disabilities in terminals or require them to remain in a holding area during delays or while waiting for transportation assistance. Service animals must be allowed to accompany a person with a disability on the flight. Though every person's experience will be different, here are some of the things we uncovered. Arrive at the airport one hour earlier than normally advised. But the process can be even more grueling for people with disabilities. While the general rule is that the service animal be allowed on the flight, if there is no space to fit the animal without blocking aisles, exits or another passenger’s seat, then airline personnel must first try to accommodate the animal and passenger in a different seat within the same cabin (for example in the bulkhead) before having the animal travel in the cargo-hold. Load and retrieve carry-on items, including mobility aids and other assistive devices stowed on board the aircraft. Airlines may require a person with a disability to travel with an attendant (someone to help the person during the flight in case of an emergency) only if the airline staff determines the person: If the airline determines that you need an attendant and you are traveling alone, there are other options an airline can try before denying you travel. The airline may appoint an off-duty staff member who is otherwise traveling on the flight or you may ask another passenger to volunteer to assist you in case of an emergency. You are entitled to talk with a CRO, who has authority to resolve complaints on behalf of the airline, if you feel the airline is not following the ACAA rules. Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources. Air Travel Tips for People with Disabilities Experience is an effective teacher to help you learn strategies for handling flights, customs procedures, and other aspects of entering a foreign country. If you think you might have been treated unfairly and want further advice, you can contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service. However, if you request an accommodation that is required by law, the airline must provide it to you, free of charge. These circumstances include traveling by stretcher, traveling with an electronic wheelchair or other device with special batteries, or requiring a hook-up to the airline’s oxygen system during flight.

If an individual with a disability is able to pass through the security system without activating it, the person shall not be subject to special screening procedures. 7 Travel Agencies for special needs travel, 3. Keep in mind this can apply to someone who airline personnel determine is unable to assist themselves. Learn more. Rather, the airline must be able to tell you how the safety of all passengers would be affected by your presence on the flight. Copyright © 2018 Mobility International USA, Advancing disability rights and leadership globally. However, the airline is not required to provide you with an attendant, even if they determine one is necessary for you to fly. Pre-flight notification to the airline is generally not required. We offer specific seating accommodations for passengers with certain types of disabilities. The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in air travel. Clinical vs. School-Based Therapy: Which Is Right for Your Child?

Book flights well in advance and call the airline directly to ensure that all disability-related needs will be met. Sometimes, however, the assistance you get may not meet your expectations or communication can break down. If the passenger requests a private screening, the airline must provide it in time for the passenger to board his or her flight. An individual with a disability cannot be required to sit in a particular seat or be excluded from any seat, except as provided by FAA safety rules, such as the FAA Exit Row Seating rule. Has a medical condition which causes the airline to have reasonable doubt that the person can complete the flight safely, without requiring extraordinary medical assistance. A medical certificate is a written statement from the passenger’s physician saying that the passenger is capable of completing the flight safely without requiring extraordinary medical care. Book flights well in advance and call the airline directly to ensure that all disability-related needs will be met.

9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

Request that an unticketed individual assist you through security to your boarding gate, if needed, by going to the airline’s check-in desk and receiveing a "pass" allowing them to go through the screener checkpoint without a ticket.

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