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We offer year-round events, courses, workshops, and online learning opportunities for our members and the aerospace community. Full Events List . Naval Research Laboratory, + Brent Robertson, On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM)-1 Project Manager, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, + Joseph Anderson, Vice President, Operations and Business Development, Space Logistics LLC, + Dr. Emilie Siochi, Research Scientist, Advanced Materials and Processing Branch, NASA Langley Research Center, + Robert Poche, VP and Director of Asset Management, Jacobs, + Justin Kugler, VP, Advanced Programs and Concepts, Made In Space.

This year’s virtual conference takes place November 16–19. The AIAA AVIATION Forum is the only aviation event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology.

Session Moderator:  George Sowers, Professor, Space Resources, Colorado School of Mines, + Harrison Schmitt, Apollo 17 Astronaut and former U.S. And what can we do now to maximize our learning on the Moon for future exploration and settlement of Mars?

partners, and advisors, we recognized that our impact could be even greater. How will advancements in space infrastructure impact the globe and what are the most critical architectures for these industries? Debate Session Title: What is the Path to LEO Commercialization by 2025? Engagement Session Panel: Transforming the Future of Space Infrastructure: A Conversation With Redwire CEO Peter Cannito, Representative: Peter Cannito, CEO of Redwire. Yang delivered the von Kármán Lecture, and a luncheon celebrated a number of  achievements in space and astronautics.

The AIAA DEFENSE Forum Executive Steering Committee is pleased to provide this unclassified discussion that will delve into the effects of COVID-19 on the aerospace and defense community. Submission of AIAA Conference Papers to Journals ... AIAA’s ASCEND provides you with something few space events can: a seat at the table. + Jonathan Cirtain, VP and Chief Technology Officer, BWX Technologies, Inc.

Recognition events included the William H. Pickering Lecture with Juno OSAM technology demonstrations are occurring in many domains currently or in the next few years (e.g., Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV); NASA’s Restore-L, SPIDER, and MakerSat; DARPA’s RSGS; and Made in Space’s Archinaut One).

NASA’s Artemis architecture provides a good framework for getting started, but how will we develop a permanent presence on the Moon? Listen to the leading minds in construction at mega-scale, to the architects, urban planners, and space engineers who will finally realize humanity’s centuries-old ambition of living in space habitats amongst the stars. Join us at ASCEND, 16-18 November, 2020 in Las Vegas…

Session Moderator: Peter Montgomery, Director of Commercialization, Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions, NASA Kennedy Space Center, + Michelle Rucker, Mars Integration Group Lead, NASA Johnson Space Center, + Dr. Paul Jaffe, Photovoltaic Radio-frequency Antenna Module (PRAM) Principal Investigator, U.S. From space manufacturing, CubeSats, and more these commercially-owned facilities and platforms offer newer capabilities for government and commercial customers. Let’s continue this discussion with how to fill in the gaps in our network capacity, often referred to as rural broadband deserts.

Senator from New Mexico, + Paul Wooster, Principal Moon and Mars Development Engineer, SpaceX, + David Wilson, Principal VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Bechtel Corporation.

Join us at ASCEND, 16-18 November, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. This episode features Dale Nash, CEO and Executive Director of Virginia Commercial Spaceflight Authority. Panel: Building an Integrated Intelligent Pathway to the Planets.

The program also included panel sessions, technical paper sessions, and e-poster sessions that fostered open discussion with experts on current programs, future plans, innovations, and lessons learned. Representatives from large fiber network infrastructure and service providers will join space industry experts to raise awareness of the opportunities both on Earth and in space. In addition to the indepth technical program that contained more than 350 technical

Who will own the skies, the moon and future planets? Session Description: Over the past year, NASA has been working with other government agencies to coordinate the use of on-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (OSAM) capabilities to enable their ambitious future missions such as sustainable lunar infrastructure, large space telescopes, and more. AIAA SPACE Forum 17-19 September 2018Orlando, Florida. Leaders from government, industry, and academia shared their ideas 2020 Region VII Student Paper Competition & AIAA Sydney Section Student Conference 25 November - 26 November 2020 Virtual. Join us for an engaging session as commercial space leaders debate the future of LEO commercialization, the impact of NASA’s LEO Commercialization plans, and which business models offer the most sustainable path to scaling demand.

Debate: What is the Path to LEO Commercialization by 2025? Register for ASCEND, Session Title:  Building an Integrated Intelligent Pathway to the Planets, Representative: Justin Kugler, VP of Advanced Programs & Concepts, Made In Space. Redwire to Attend ASCEND 2020 to Highlight Space Infrastructure Hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the ASCEND conference brings together experts and leaders to discuss fundamental questions and deliver the solutions needed to … Panel: The Future Is Here for Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing, Meta Session: Moonshot to Moonbase: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Lunar Architectures and Infrastructures, Fireside Chat: Transforming the Future of Space Infrastructure: A Conversation with Redwire CEO Peter Cannito, Technology Presentation: On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing II, ASCENDxSummit Recap: Filling Technology Deserts from Above and Below. Canceled due to Hurricane Irma12-14 September 2017 Orlando, Florida.

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